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Rapidly and confidently reinvent your business to increase resilience, mitigate risk and return to sustainable growth.

Let Us Prove Prevention Is probable. Our industry-leading professionals secure client systems with a prevention-first methodology and AI-driven technology.

Leading International Services

Our unique approach towards our customers around the world. An enthusiastic Manager leads each project, in addition to overseeing the deployment of scripts that hand over fast and impressive results, without disrupting business operations.

HAMI Consulting Services.

Inspect against and resist the threats your network and systems face. We can prompt you to determine and/or mitigate intrusions swiftly with less interruption

IoT / Embedded Systems

Guard IoT and embedded devices as well as their corresponding ecosystems while retaining the competency to grow and advance in the future.


Relevant configuration over the unified environment lets you know with a fortitude that current endpoint threats have been wiped out.

Incident Response & Containment

Our AI-driven solutions benefit consultants that give faster and more authentic results to instantly consist of remediating incidents.

HAMI Team Services

Identify, set up, and manage risk through assessments and social engineering to make your surroundings more secure.

Advancing Security & Insight

ThreatVector is the target for Security Information

For data security, the advantage has consistently been with the attacker. But we’re varying that – through innovative technology and by sharing information. ThreatVector is your root cause for news and insights about threats, conversion, security challenges, and how to reach them.