Automated & Continuous Cyber Risk Monitoring Made Simple

HAMI Defensible data platform does the work for you

Don’t determine to fix for just a cybersecurity score. To counter advanced threats, your business consequently threat intelligence, and affiliation tools to actively discover vulnerabilities, swiftly remediate exploits, and constantly monitor your ecosystem.

HAMI Strategy Ensure Effectiveness of Cyber Risk Reports

Access to the most accurate cyber risk metric available

HAMI’s Strategy Report shares feedback to help executives to understand their cyber risk posture and scale return on cybersecurity investments. The report provides simple steps to help remediate issues and mitigate cyber risks with suppliers and partners.

Threat & Vulnerability Orchestration

Prioritization, Reporting & Analytics

Evaluate to secure your cyber challenges

  • Orchestrated security operations and reporting
  • Automatically see, prioritize and act on cyber threats
  • Continuous risk level visibility for executives

Letter Grades & Defensible Data

Safeguard your cyber Reputation

The HAMI Technical Report provides easy-to-understand letter grades and defensible data details behind 20 risk categories. The non-intrusive report passively evaluates third-party vendors and cyber insurance subscribers, and does not touch an organization’s systems or network assets.

Executive Risk Scorecard

Measurement and Reporting Tool

Executive visibility

  • Discovers misconfigurations, cyber threats, technical reputation
  • Measurable security performance
  • Understandable letter-grade format
  • Informed business decisions
  • Highly technical & detailed yet easy-toconsume

Why HAMI ?

What makes Hami different from the rest

Instant Risk Assessment

The Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard evaluates any company in 60 seconds. It is optimized for Cyber insurance underwriters & vendor due-diligence.

Compliance Check

HAMI classifies its findings into FISMA Cyber Security Framework Area and Maturity Level, NIST 800-53 Control Family, FIPS-200 Area, NIST 800-37 Process Step. The classification allows you to measure the compliance level of the target company for different regulations including NIST 800-53, FISMA and GDPR.

Complete & Easy to Use

Hami cyber risk scorecard is a complete solution that provides actionable and easy to understand information to business executives while providing detailed technical data and recommendations to information security personnel.

Technical Depth

Unlike others who evaluate risk score based on basic view of a company’s cyber posture, HAMI evaluates a company in 20 different categories and backs all of its scores with technical data including CWE, CVSS, FIPS-199 impact level, FISMA maturity level and whether the company is being openly targeted

Active Scan Option

Unlike other scorecards, HAMI Cyber Risk Scorecard offers an active scan option which allow customers to validate the OSINT data with automated testing (including penetration data). This is a super set of an external penetration test

API Integration

HAMI provides a data source subscription with a RESTFUL API for those with more advanced needs. With API integration, companies and partners can build automation for advanced use cases.