Financial Services, Secured

Secure Your Data and Empower Anywhere, Anytime Access

Data is your utmost asset—and challenge. In an increasingly convenience-based, cashless community where interconnected devices are everywhere, so are the risks. Think ahead of just responding to attacks. Prevent them.

It's Time to Identify User Needs
& Guard Them

As threats to data emerging increasingly sophisticated, leaders in the financial services industry need to balance security and regulatory requirements with productivity. HAMI provides solutions that will enable you to orgainse connections within inside teams, partners and clients while protecting client and firm data.

Users Will Employ alternatives If Their Needs Are Not Met

90% of Financial Services IT Professionals
Are “not at all optimistic” or “somewhat apprehensive” in the ability of their employees, consultants and partners to sufficiently safeguard data

59% of Financial Services IT Professionals
Feel their employees should work around corporate IT policies to get their jobs done

Secured & Supervise
Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones

As cybersecurity threats are more sophisticated and pandemic, the number of interconnected endpoints, including ATM terminals, apps, kiosks, tablets and websites, and the amount of data shared are also expanding.
To take order to this chaos, a universal approach to endpoint security and management is required to protect against and refine cyber threats, while planing visibility across all endpoints. HAMI allows a Zero Trust security environment dedicated on earning trust across any endpoint. It constantly shows that trust at every event or transaction, verifying users to deliver a Zero Touch experience that boost security with no user interruption.

76% of Financial Services organizations are limiting the deployment of applications as a direct result of security concerns.

Enable Secured
File Sharing

Top financial services institutions report they have experienced a breach due to space in securing and sharing business files. Results identified by IT professionals include:

  • 74% Lost productivity
  • 70% Penalties for compliance failure
  • 31% Unmasking sensitive data to the competition

HAMI Workspaces is the best preference for secure file sharing and file transfer, allowing employees with permission to documents when and where they need them, and on any device, without fear of data leakage.

Security With Your Interest In Mind

Backing Your Financial Institution with Security and Compliance

Whether you are a large multinational financial institution or a small credit union serving a local community, we understand the unique security risks and compliance challenges your face. From the very demanding regulatory requirements like GLBA , to the smaller, but equally important and challenging NCUA guidelines and technology controls, we have the experience to ensure your compliance and security.

Insuring Security in Healthcare and Risk Management

The insurance industry is unique in that it consists of two primary sectors: healthcare and risk management. Insurance companies within the risk management sector are managed more like financial institutions. The healthcare insurance sector is now under a higher level of scrutiny, and over the last several years has been required to comply with increasingly regulations.