CEO Message

CEO Message

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make our company an outstanding provider of Oracle Applications and Technology Services and a wonderful place to build a career.

While our consistent desire to improve will change some of the assets we do as a company, we will consistently continue to exercise decent business practices, maintain a honour for the individual and run our business in aspect that earn us the trust of those whom we meetup.

Throughout our history, we have been a inception of innovation, creativity and technological enhances. And I am proud to say, that our Transmission plans to keep up its heritage of leadership in the markets we perform and in the communities where we live and work.

HAMI Professional Center is well established to face these challenges and to serve as the intimate and proved consulting company for any security incident focusing on cybersecurity, information security and cyber resilience. To serve customers irrespective of whether from the government sector or private sector or individuals. Also, HAMI aims to develop new cybersecurity innovation products and services considered to comfort governmental and private bodies, as well as write research articles, which will lift government and private institutions, as well as individuals. One of the main objective of Hami ‘s service is to equip personnel for work in cybersecurity and information security.

We continuously focus on:

Quality – unique quality delights our customers and is crucial to customer growth and retention.

Service – at HAMI, service is not just a concept. It’s how we enhance and maintain customer reliability.

Innovation – it is the driving impact behind our long term growth.

Edge performance – our promise is to gear up as individuals and as a corporation to do our ultimate.

Through a combination of innovative spirit, professional excellence and in-depth knowledge of the demand consideration in the Information technology, we have supervised to deliver several projects in Saudi Arabia, a city globally recognised for its impressive skyline, and splendid achievements such as the successful bid for Expo 2020.We have expanded internationally within the GCC and Europe, and diversified our portfolio to include investments in IT sector.

Looking ahead, we are determined on speeding up the execution of our evolving approach while continuing to build on the potency of our brand—in helping our clients share knowledge and create innovation by making a positive change to the communities in which we work and live.

Integrity is our core and is that the basis of everything. It’s about delivering on our commitments. It’s about honesty and fairness in action. It’s about being ethical beyond any doubt, within the toughest of circumstances.

I hope this provides you with a few reasons to get to know HAMI better. Whether you are a potential customer, a business partner, or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring service to life

That is Hami — a company with a delighted past and a glittering future!