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As a leading global cybersecurity company, HAMI has the accurate solutions for you.

HAMI Response and containment

Industry-Recognized and Certified Experts

We are the leading AI industry recruiters. Our environment and exceptional approach attracts and retains the ultimate talented experts in the world with wide domain expertise across security, data science, and software development.

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HAMI Secured and supervise

Enable Secured File Sharing

As cybersecurity threats are more sophisticated and pandemic, the number of interconnected endpoints, including ATM terminals, apps, kiosks, tablets and websites, and the amount of data shared are also expanding.

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Security is always evolving, and so are we.

HAMI CyberSecurity solutions address critical risks that organizations across sectors are encountering as they weave digital technologies deeper into their businesses.

HAMI Threat Intelligence

HAMI threat intelligence services protect business to get ahead of the cyber threats through proactive reporting, actionable analysis, and detailed remediation guidance.

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HAMI Awareness

We support our customers in targeted awareness of its employees to a risk and security aware handling of information.

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HAMI Security Simulation

HAMI’s Driven Threat Protection. HAMI's Threat Protection works where most attacks occur - at the endpoint - for better efficacy, faster resolution, and less disruption.

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HAMI Assessments

Security risk assessment must integrate a 360 degree aspect of the security space. Your assessment must be enlightended by in-depth understanding of both the threat perspective and the technologies.

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HAMI makes it effortless for businesses to realize true realistic from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML). We help enterprise to shape, retain, command and implement efficient AI & ML solutions.

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NextGen Penetration testing

Focused on the inside threat, HAMI automated penetration-testing platform mimics the hacker's attack - automating the discovery of vulnerabilities and performing ethical exploits, while ensuring an undisrupted network operation.

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Trusted Cybersecurity

A company born for
Industrial Transformation

Every company is modifying and transforming to compete in the realities of this automated world. But there is one company that was authentically born of this world, and crafted to help other companies prosper in it. Our objective is to enable human innovation through technology by reimagining how applications are delivered. We have the crucial key architecture capable of empowering the amazing experiences involved in the Industrial Transformation.

we are the most accelerated,secure platform for next-gen business applications and data, integrating global network infrastructure, edge computing, cloud connectivity,connected security, voice, collaboration and enterprise-class services into a consistent experience.

See why our mission, values and leadership make us a reliable partner in delivering the scale, services and expertise you need to drive real results.

  • Close interaction with global information security zones.
  • Early acceptance of best practices and eminence standards which helps us to deliver excellence.
  • Cutting-edge information security products in association with our global partners.

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What do people praise about HAMI

Eyad Jawabra

Collaborating clearly from the start, HAMI's expert team motivates confidence throughout the project. Expertise and quality are hallmarks of their work. Their capability to keep the project stimulating and their can-do approach make them a valuable partner. They let in together great people, and their specialized proficiency is incredible.

Hiba Al-Shamali

"I am very delighted to have connected with the team at HAMI. They have been significantly professional during the entire project implementation. Their collaboration is top notch."

Anas Al-Anssary

"Very happy with our working relationship on this project software implementation. Exceptionally valued the input of new inspiration and suggestions for improvement. Not being a technical person, it was helpful to have someone on my team to liaise day to day with the HAMI's team. They worked with us to complete the project implementation to our satisfaction.